Cato’s Wall Leveling Technique — 2 Comments

  1. I love the plumb walls! This is really nice! Im working on a foundation for a shed right now and figured that I didnt have to be anal about the rows being level as long as I end up with a cement bond beam and use that to make the walls level. I had intended on divoting the bags as I work up the wall, but now am also going to tamp the sides. Will this create a straight wall? I like the cement blocks and think I have some around to use for the openings to help stay on the straight and narrow

    • I think Kelly is going to update this blog post now that we have some photos from Cato that will help illustrate the process.

      It’s best to keep every course level, starting from the foundation courses.

      Tamping the sides 1. eliminates big bulges, 2. aligns the wall, 3. greatly reduces plaster work.

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