Reviving Rammed Earth in Thailand

In Chonburi, Thailand, architect Peeraya Suphasidh tried using the ancient technique of rammed earth, thinking that the local building industry could learn something of value. It has generally been disregarded for its labor intensive and time-consuming nature. In finding the right material composition that would be suitable for the tropical climate with high humidity and … Read more

The Rammed Earth Pavillon Le Vau in Paris

With The Pavillon Le Vau  L’Atelier Senzu, has clinched one of the most important competitions in Paris, reworking the Grand Palais as it inaugurates a project that’s radically different in both size and spirit.  In its 80 m2 (861 sf) the Pavillon Le Vau presents a multipurpose hall set in the garden of a comprehensive … Read more

ReGrow Willow Combines Willows with Mud

ReGrow Willow is an innovative hybrid material system that combines the tensile strength of willow and the compressive strength of earth for architectural applications. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology also uses digital fabrication processes and computational tools to create lightweight, mobile, and adaptable fabrication equipment. The project further seeks to present a potential remedy for … Read more

Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks in Nepal

Kajal Pradhan Banepali, Civil Engineer & Impact Officer at Build up Nepal, explains that compressed stabilized earth bricks has a proven record for its strength and also produces less air pollution than conventional bricks. “More people are starting to seek an alternative to fired bricks, they’re starting to understand the benefits of our eco-bricks for … Read more

Rammed Earth Housing in Canada

Tony Johnson runs Earth House Holdings in Sooke, B.C., Canada. He specializes in rammed earth like his own house featured here. He used steel rebar and wool insulation, which results in exceptional strength when it comes to earthquakes and a much more insulated envelope for the colder Canadian climate. It is extremely energy efficient due … Read more

Hempcrete is Spreading Around the World

Hemp mixed with lime can create a low-carbon, more climate friendly building material than concrete. “There’s an enormous growth potential in the US for hemp fiber used for building and insulation,” said Kaja Kühl, founder of youarethecity, a design and building practice. “Hemp was only legalized in 2018, but now industrial hemp is following the … Read more