Catalan Vault Building in Barcelona

Jordi Domenech is a second generation master mason from Catalunya specializing in the catalan vault method and has built these structures for over 50 years. He is one of the world’s leading builders and teachers on this technique, having constructed hundreds of works, and teaches workshops on traditional masonry techniques. The Catalan vault – also … Read more

Old Shed and Rabbit Hutch Turned into Micro Home

A small stone building in Switzerland that had been a wood shed and rabbit hutch was transformed into a compact two-level house by architect Enrico Sassi. His design involved repairing the damaged stone walls, adding a new roof, installing an extra window and integrating space-efficient furnishings. “The building was in a poor condition,” Sassi said. … Read more

How to Make Cob to Code in America

A Cob Construction Appendix has recently been approved for inclusion in the International Residential Building codes in the United States and a number of other countries. The new code requires builders to test their cob mixes for shrinkage, compressive strength, and, in some cases, modulus of rupture. The shrinkage test is the most straightforward and … Read more

The Science Behind the Resilience of Earth Architecture

The story of earth architecture continues to be told through structures that have stood the test of time. Earth construction techniques have been pioneered by many ancient civilizations. What appears to be a feeble structure made of raw earth is actually very durable. Earth architecture is considered one of the first methods developed by humans … Read more

Can Bamboo Homes Help Solve the Climate Crisis?

Bamboo Living co-founder and chief architect David Sands is at the forefront of modern sustainable bamboo construction. His Hawaiian-based company specializes in creating bamboo homes. The giant bamboos are the fastest-growing woody plant on the planet. If you go to the Guinness Book of World Records, it was nearly three feet a day that they … Read more