Using Augmented Reality with Bamboo Architecture

Bamboo architecture stands out due to its complex geometries and heavy reliance on craftsmanship. Physical models have traditionally been central to materializing architects’ visions and conveying intricate design. Now, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift: the digital revolution is bringing computer-aided design tools to the forefront, unlocking bamboo’s potential in ways never … Read more

SunRay Kelley, the Barefoot Builder, Has Died

SunRay Kelley, the barefoot builder of fantastical handmade castles, yurts, temples, spirit lodges, tree houses, etc., died on July 16 in Sedro-Woolley, Wash. He was 71. I first met SunRay at one of the Natural Building Colloquia, and you can read an article I wrote about this at Bonnie Howard, Mr. Kelley’s longtime partner, … Read more

Forestiere Underground Gardens in California

During the California heat wave of 1906, Baldassare Forestiere dug a home underground with just a pickax and shovel. He spent 40 years excavating 10 acres of rooms, tunnels, a chapel, an underground aquarium, and courtyards to experiment with underground farming. With no budget, he mixed mortar from the dirt he dug out, creating his … Read more

4 Basic Structural Systems for Building with Bamboo

This article shines a light on four commonly employed structural systems in bamboo construction: The support system of a post and beam structure is composed of three key elements: vertical posts, horizontal beams, and cross-bracing. The latter helps to triangulate the structure, enhancing its stability against lateral loads such as winds and seismic forces. Usually, … Read more