CIDEP Permaculture Centro Argentina: Living in the Future

ā€œCIDEP is the Centre for the Investigation, Development and Education of Permaculture in El Bolson, Patagonia.ā€

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1 thought on “CIDEP Permaculture Centro Argentina: Living in the Future”

  1. Hello

    I am the imagineer of the EEV MD concept design;Egalitarian Eco-Village Makers Districts run as a Workers Cooperative Corporations, built by Veterans/former warriors.

    I believe that, in the U.S., a group of 175 veterans can be qualified from a larger pool and approach a lending institution with a letter of intent, and procure a construction loan to build a small completely self sustaining city. Further Social Impact Bonds can finance working capital.
    If anyone out there would like to contact me please reach out.

    Marcelo Mainzer
    Imagineer EEV MD


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