Chaki Wasi in Ecuador Embodies the Spirit of Place

Along a volcanic crater in Ecuador, the town of Shalalá is committed to living in symbiosis with the environment, which extends to its architectural endeavors. A new project for the town, known as the Chaki Wasi handicrafts center, has been designed to exemplify the spirit of the place and its cultural heritage. Chaki Wasi, meaning … Read more

The Annual Re-plastering of the Djenne Mosque

The annual re-plastering of the Djenne mosque was held with the participation of many people. This is important to maintain the integrity of the world’s largest mud-brick building, which has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage in Danger list since 2016. The mosque and surrounding town were added to the list due to ongoing insecurity in … Read more

Preserving a Cliff-side Village in China

The Stray Birds Art Hotel is part of a cliff side ancient village in China. In 2016, it was designated for the ‘Save Old Houses Campaign’ in China, marking the beginning of significant efforts toward cultural preservation and renewal. Chenjiapu Village, with 640 years of history and a selection of rammed-earth and timber-framed dwellings, became … Read more

Renovate… Don’t Speculate

Speculative real estate practices and the harm they cause affect everyone. The threat of demolition looms over nearly every building, fueled by financial speculation that promotes demolition and new construction. This leads to a scarcity of affordable homes, job losses, and environmental damage. Therefore, we urgently need a socio-ecological transformation of contemporary building practices that … Read more

The Enduring Heritage of Bhutanese Architecture

While most countries are losing many cultural elements, Bhutan is retaining most of theirs. This is largely due to their current king and the ones that came before him. The Ministry of Works and Human Settlement published the Bhutanese Architecture Guidelines in 2014—a comprehensive manual that makes it easy for architects, engineers, planners and craftsmen … Read more