Preserving Historic Adobe Structures in Taos

Adobe is the oldest building material in the world, found throughout the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, South America, Europe and, of course, the Southwestern United States. Adobe often requires replastering, which explains how adobe structures often change over time. Taos Pueblo, for instance, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the nation, … Read more

An Abundant Food Forest in New Zealand

A lush edible oasis of forest garden is grown and lovingly tended by Garry and Ali Foster. Using no-dig, permaculture principles, Matahiwi Forest Garden celebrates balance, diversity and resilience. What was once a thin layer of riverbed silt is now a thriving ecosystem offering sustenance for several households. The Fosters strive to live in partnership … Read more

Chinese Village for Both the Elderly and Children

Xialapu Village is responding to the Chinese national poverty alleviation and relocation policy. The pattern of the new village has changed from random growth to a deliberately planned fan-shaped belt layout. The local government wanted to build an amalgamated dwelling to improve and solve the housing needs of the lonely elderly people in the village. … Read more

Alternative Building to Address Homelessness

The four houses shown above are completely different in size and style, but they are all environmentally friendly, cheap, and fast to construct because they are made with earthbags. The four earthbag dwellings above are, clockwise from top left, in Veracruz, Mexico, Capetown, South Africa, Ahwaz, Iran and Durban, South Africa. Many countries with urgent … Read more