Designing Affordable and Healthy Housing

Human health and well-being in affordable housing design should begin with crafting connections to nature, healthy indoor environments and spaces that foster community. Biophilic design harnesses the innate affinity humans have for being exposed to nature. Studies have consistently shown that people with access to daylight and views of natural settings thrive better than those who … Read more

An Earthbag Ecological Home in Jamaica

A home made of earthbags in Johns Town, Jamaica, is setting an example for sustainable living. It’s part of a group of largely self-sufficient residences called The Source Farm Foundation and Ecovillage. The home gets 70% of its energy from solar and wind, and the owner says, “People kept coming in our house to see … Read more

Plentitud’s Camp Cabin in Puerto Rico

Plentitud’s Bioconstruction team has demonstrated that spaces of delight can be created with accessible and affordable materials. They started with an existing metal structure with a zinc roof that served as shelter from the rain for several tents, but they wanted something that could provide more protection and comfort to their staff and visitors. They … Read more

Fab Tree Hab is a Multi-Species Habitat

The Fab Tree Hab is a grafted living tree structure intended to be shared by people and animals. It combines tree-grafting techniques with cross-laminated timber arch scaffolds. The goal is for a dwelling seamlessly integrated into its natural landscape and to replace harmful industrial materials with durable, bio-based alternatives. Foundation elements use almost no concrete … Read more