City of the Future – Village Homes, Davis, CA

“A tour with Bill Mollison, the father of Permaculture, through a small heaven inside the city of Davis, Yolo County, California, United States. Totally designed by Michael Corbett, within permaculture techniques for self-sufficiency.

THIS is what we should be aiming at instead of all this transhumanist nonsense being sold as the great solution to our problems. Technology fixes are way beyond proven useless. Time to go back to Mother Nature.”

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The architect who designed this neighborhood said the city planner fought them tooth and nail every step of the way. Now Bill Mollison calls it the best place in the world. Also, Geoff Lawton said the Real Estate Commission lobbied against this housing development. What a crazy world it is sometimes. Here we have what many consider an ideal neighborhood (beautiful, energy efficient solar homes in an urban food forest where houses have gone up in value 5x over the years) and the establishment has tried repeatedly to block these developments.

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