College Student Builds Outstanding DIY $15,000 Tiny House

Student life can be challenging enough without worrying about how to pay for expensive rent. For Bradley, a college student from Jacksonville, Florida, a tiny house was the perfect solution to his accommodation dilemma.

His home is named Rolling Quarters, partly a play on words that relates to the living quarters on wheels, but also a reference to saving money and the fact that Bradley was able to construct his own home without following the traditional model of financing and living with debt.

Think of how much money he’s going to save over 4-5 years. He’s avoiding rent and cutting costs cooking at home, while no doubt eating more healthily than awful school cafeterias and fast food joints. Plus he rides a motorcycle instead of having a car. Now imagine if he started his own small business out this home after graduation. Smart guy. He may even get better grades studying at home versus a noisy dorm. You know Bradley’s house will get other students thinking about this lifestyle. News is already spreading. The biggest challenge is finding a place to park it. Cost of dorms and meal ticket is close to $10,000/year at the University of Florida. The additional cost of paying for all this with student loans is substantial. I hope he does a cost/benefit analysis on this for his senior project.
Article about tiny houses at Duke University

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  1. Well, this young man’s parents must be very proud of their son’s initiative and the skills he developed while doing this project. Any young man with this kind of “can do” attitude, and the fortitude to do some things a second time after a flood, has a bright future ahead of him. Thanks for posting this. Very inspirational.


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