Zero Cost Off Grid Pallet Wood Forest Cabin — 2 Comments

  1. One of the main aims was to create a father/son project that they could work together on, and in that aspect they succeeded admirably. It’s not all about housing. Similarly, yesterday’s blog post was primarily about a student providing affordable housing for himself not as much as about tiny houses.

    • That’s the stuff I like to see!
      Things family can do together, things people can afford, things people can make on their own that are better done when not mass produced in plastic molds…
      People need very little to survive but when born into such a coddled and tech rich environment people regress because instead of using a tool to make life easier they think using a tool is tough and consider luxuries like constant supply running hot water as a need…
      Tech is good, I don’t make my own nails or manufacture my own micromesh 0.1 micron water filter but if you can’t add without a calculator and don’t know things in dirty water can do more than be icky you are either carrying someone’s child or you are going to die if even basic utilities have issues for an extended period.
      I’m not a survival genius but if cellphones stop working (let’s hope…) I can tie a knot in a string between two cans.
      Just sayin’

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