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  1. Call me a skeptic, but it sounds like a scam to me. They want buy ins and donations to raise 6.5 MILLION to buy land for an ecovillage where the houses will be uber cheap. ?? My goal has been to find land that is cheap (but not desert) so I won’t be in debt forever and don’t have to ask anyone’s help buying it before starting a village. 6.5 mil is insane. I wouldn’t donate, that’s for sure.

    • It’s good to be wary of any land development plans. Many fail, even those with good intentions. How long will it take to raise 6.5 million? 10-20 years? What do you do in the meantime?

      My general advice in previous blogs is to search for places with like-minded people. Spend lots of time on research, then go visit the most promising places. Take your time thinking things over. You don’t necessarily have to buy into the community directly. You could buy land nearby.

    • Laura: I’m the Executive Director of this project. We’re a non-profit and there are no “buy ins” – we are seeking donations or large-scale investment. The 6.5 million figure is for sufficient infrastructure to make us sustainable indefinitely – open sourcing the complete process and providing open source tools, tutorials, blueprints, and resources that will stimulate the entire earthbag construction industry.

      The next step for us is running a crowdfunding campaign that will help us spread the word more and further support our open source creative process that is producing resources like this:

      Here’s the most up to date village plans too: The ones above are from 3 years ago.

  2. I like the approach of utilizing existing codes (for phase 1) and simultaneously working to change or get a variance for phase 2. I would think that using scoria instead of earth would make this model applicable for most climates, assuming the pipes are buried deep enough and/or insulated?

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