Cool Gear for Tiny/Compact/Small Houses

Wall mounted Dickinson solid fuel/twig stoves save floor space
Wall mounted Dickinson solid fuel/twig stoves save floor space

Every square foot counts in tiny houses, RVs and other small living spaces. Fortunately, there’s now all sorts of practical space saving equipment like small cooktops, sinks, toaster ovens, foot powered faucets, composting toilets, heaters, solar panels and many other things. See below for links to specific examples.

Solar powered refrigerated cooler
Dickinson solid fuel/twig stove
Instapot multiple purpose pressure cooker

Tiny House Gear offers a whole line of this type of equipment for tiny houses (no financial relationship with me)

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  1. So there seems to be a big trend toward smaller more efficient gear. In many cases this space saving equipment/appliances also saves energy and provides other benefits. The Dickinson stove, for example, uses free branches and twigs instead of propane. More energy efficient appliances are easier to run off of solar.

    I keep hearing really good things about the Instapot cooker. I just heard of a lightweight (under 10 lb.) RV sized clothes washer that works well. Rice cookers come highly recommended, especially those with racks where you can steam veggies while you make rice, etc.

    One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is a little steamer similar to this one:
    It’s so easy to cook with and there’s zero risk of burning, easy clean up, great for healthy veggies, healthier form of cooking, and it’s low cost. I put longer cooking veggies like potatoes on the bottom and then add a layer for the greens a little while later. It’s hard to get much easier than this.


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