Cordwood/Log End Detailing

Log end countertop
Log end entry

I love combining different materials to build earthbag houses. It’s easy to add beautiful details to your home, and if you use local wood the cost is negligible. Here, pieces of logs are used as accents on a countertop.

cordwood and bottle wall detail
Cordwood and bottle wall detail

Image source for log end countertop: ? (Let me know if you find the source and I’ll add a link.)
Image source for cordwood and bottle wall detail: Backhome Magazine

10 thoughts on “Cordwood/Log End Detailing”

  1. Hi would you consider using the same principles as in picture one for a floor?I am interested in having a cordwood floor but have yet been unable to find anything helpful online so that I can plan it.

    • I think I’ve read of people doing this. Let me check further. Don’t use large log ends because they expand and contract too much. Also the type of wood is a consideration. Some woods are less stable. And, of course, the wood has to be thoroughly dry and carefully sealed.

  2. I saw a variation of that log-end floor once on This Old House — a guy got lots of cut off lumber ends from a saw mill, so he laid them out for a floor. At first glance it looked like symmetrical tiling, but then you saw the grain of the wood. Very cool.

  3. The richness of color and pattern is is so satisfying. Who would not be inspired walking into a home like that! Local wood and recycled bottles. Just yesterday I went to see some land close by where I’m living here in Argentina and I noticed rose quartz stones all over the place. I bet the stones would also be a beautiful finishing touch.

    I was wondering about the bottles. What happens if they break? Does the home lose any significant amount of heat through them in winter?

    • The bottles would be a little difficult to replace, although I’ve never heard of any breaking. Most bottle walls have trapped air in the bottles, and so they’re not a major source of heat loss (and long as they’re not broken).

      Using local stone is a great idea. That’s the topic of an upcoming blog post.


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