CoRe Solutions Ferro-cement rain tank construction in Indonesia

“Indonesia has some of the most contaminated rivers and groundwater sources in the world. Yet much of the country receives more than 200cm of annual rainfall that goes virtually unused. CoRe Solutions has perfected a locally appropriate method for constructing high quality Ferro-cement rainwater harvesting tanks that are empowering Indonesia’s people to tap into this sustainable clean water source.”

This is one of the best rainwater tanks I’ve seen… excellent construction techniques.
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3 thoughts on “CoRe Solutions Ferro-cement rain tank construction in Indonesia”

  1. Do you have plans for this tank. It seems very obvious but plans would be nice. I would Be glad to donate 50 dollars to your very cool organization.

    • I could find no plans for these tanks. The company’s website is no longer active. The video does show pretty much everything you need to know.

  2. this tank design with the inner forms seems to be the most efficient I’ve seen. I would do more foundation work though, rubble trench with reinforced cement footer around the edge, that much water weighs a lot.


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