This Couple’s Natural Eco Tiny House Is a True Stunner!

“This inspiring Canadian couple have constructed a truly beautiful, eco tiny house on wheels to escape high rent prices and get into their own home.

Tofino, like many other places in British Columbia, Canada has seen house prices skyrocket in recent years. This couple found building a tiny house on wheels to be an ideal way of getting into their own small eco home. To that end, they have constructed a very beautiful tiny house from all natural materials where they now live while saving up for land to park the house on in the future.”

Very nice. I love the natural materials and cabin qualities. And excellent video quality as usual. Bryce now has nearly ½ million subscribers.

2 thoughts on “This Couple’s Natural Eco Tiny House Is a True Stunner!”

  1. It looks real nice, but I don’t see very much food, clothing, refrig, etc. Maybe they keep a lot of stuff outside in sheds.


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