Creating the World We Want to Live In — 7 Comments

  1. Owen, this quote has been on my mind and heart for a long time. i’me gonna contact the BFI–Buckminster Fuller Institute to find out where the quoteis included in his essays/talks/etc.

    the other world is already obsolete.

    • here is a quote from Toby about this talk.

      “My presentation, “Permaculture for Liberation” from the Permaculture Voices 2 conference is available (audio only) at the link below. I talk about the natural links between permaculture , anarchism, and socialism; how the state fosters extreme hierarchy, and how permaculture allows us to be “legal but illegible,” that is, acting within the law but not producing easily measurable and taxable outputs. A horticultural society has far less need for the machinery of the state than an agricultural one. The fact that permaculture is not easily measurable turns out to be a good thing. I’ve only given this talk once, and I am looking for opportunities to do it again, but it’s a little more controversial and unsettling than many venues are ready for.”

    • The current system is already extremely shaky. How can you have a normal functioning economy when you’re $20 trillion in debt plus have $100-$200 trillion in unfunded liabilities? It’s all beyond crazy and doomed to collapse eventually. At some point we’ll have to switch to something more sustainable.

    • Strangely my comment disappeared. I was saying how someone could appear to be ‘poor’ (low income) yet have a high quality of life (family, friends, spending time in nature, exercise, gardening, helping others, reading, etc.). Simplify your life and focus on what really matters most to you.

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