Crystal Waters Ecovillage

“An introduction to Crystal Waters covering permaculture design, innovative housing design, intentional community living and land restoration. Crystal Waters is situated in rural south east Queensland Australia. Filmed in 2001-2002. This video is the first of several related videos covering Crystal Waters.”


10 thoughts on “Crystal Waters Ecovillage”

  1. I have absolutely no inside information about how Crystal Waters came up with their no pets policy.

    That said, I can imagine how it happened.

    One day, one irresponsible person was visiting, or helping on a project and brought along their poorly trained dog. That dog chased after some cute cuddly critter in the woods, and some overly emotional residents witnessed what happened. Then the over-reactions began.

    Next thing you know, they banned dogs and cats.

    It’s pretty much the same way people get scared into adopting building codes.

    One person decides to overload a circuit in their house and end up burning it to the ground. Insurance companies step in and start raising rates and freak everyone out by saying that their community doesn’t have proper standards for quality housing. Next thing you know… the over reaction happens, and BAM!!! Building codes for everyone that cost more than the increased insurance rates would have cost.

    For my next story… would you like to hear how pay toilets first started?

    On second thought, perhaps it’s best if I just leave that one a mystery.

  2. I have to agree with Jay and Owen on the dog issue. My Bloodhound loves all animals. Even has a neighbor cat who’s his friend. She still hasn’t quite figured out birds because they fly but, I’m positive that she wouldn’t harm them. Now, an aggressive person? She’ll bite in a heartbeat but, good people? No. You pat her and she’s your friend for life or until I tell her different. Not having your dog or cat is kind of like a punishment and that’s not freedom at all. Quite the contrary.

    • Seems like it would be difficult finding people to agree to a no pets policy. I imagine the land and houses are quite expensive and if I spent a bunch of money I wouldn’t want rules like this.

  3. No cats or dogs allowed?

    No thanks.

    I love my dog. I also have trained my dog to protect wildlife, not harm it.

    Impressive place they have built. Lots of great paths and trails. Too bad they have ruined the place by banning one of the great joys in life — Walking with your dog along those trails.

    • I noticed that. I really love our dogs and it would be difficult living without them. I wouldn’t even consider moving where pets are not allowed. And by the way, we have two new puppies that will be future guard dogs at our homestead. (The big dogs are in town.) So right now we have four dogs here and believe me they are a handful.

  4. Now that’s reclaiming the land. They do have it going on for sure. It would be nice to see today’s Crystal Waters. I’d like to know of those living there back then, how many are still there? Did the children stay on and marry and now have a piece of ground there?


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