DIY Homestead Garden Towers — 2 Comments

    • It seems like a vented cap would be sufficient. I’d like to hear what the tower2 company has to say about this. Surely they’ve been testing their towers.

      Earthworms are rather finicky. The good thing though is biodegradable materials will break down in a wide range of environments. For instance, if the compost is too wet, lacking in oxygen, etc. the worms will live in the surrounding soil. Either way water and gravity will gradually transfer the nutrients into the soil. But your point is interesting. Ideally the worms would go back and forth to expedite the process.

      There’s a YouTube guy who talks about Compost Happens and how nature has numerous ways of breaking down materials. I found this out firsthand when some of our compost was completely neglected. It got submerged in rainwater, turned anaerobic and yet it was some of the best compost we’ve ever had. The drawback was it was a slow, messy, ‘inefficient’ process.

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