DIY Primitive Water Filter

Learn how to make a no cost, simple water filter using three baskets made from vines. The baskets are filled with charcoal, river sand and pebbles to purify the water.

I’ve been watching other videos on this same YouTube channel called Primitive Evolution. They show lots of interesting primitive camping/surival techniques.

There are other similar YouTube channels such as Primitive Survival Tool with interesting videos such as making a water filter tank out of bamboo and homemade lime plaster.

I agree with the commenter Anubus MaAt who states: “gravel at the top, sand in the middle, charcoal at the bottom — charcoal should be fine like sand.” (Actually, I didn’t know the characoal had to be crushed to powder. That’s why I watch similar videos from time to time.) Also, I’d boil the water after filtering, and use a different container to scoop it out of the lake. You want to be extra careful if you are not native to the area. Natives often have a certain amount of resistance or adaptation to local organisms in the water and food that visitors to the area do not have. Lakes, river, streams and the groundwater nowadays is often contaminated.


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