DIY Soil Stabilizer Recipe Part 2 – Call for Assistance — 3 Comments

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  2. Your geopolymer house blog prompted me to do an intensive study of geopolymers last year. Making them is pretty fun.

    Geopolymer-ish soil stabilization actually quite easy: substitute sodium silicate (waterglass) for half of the water. This works with all soils. To make it even better, before mixing with the soil add 1/4 the weight of liquid in sodium hydroxide pellets into the liquid. It gets even better if you add any stone dust, mile tailings, fly ash, or blast furnace slag–whatever’s a locally-available waste material. If you can, let it set covered with plastic for at least three days before driving over it.

    Obviously this isn’t cheap unless you can get the chemicals in bulk, but it works. Cost is the biggest problem with geopolymers. You can’t buy sodium silicate for anywhere near the low price of portland cement.

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