DIY Steel Frames for Tiny Houses — 6 Comments

  1. Labor is not cheap here. The minimum wage is $15.75 and it goes up from there. In the USA a waitress uses her pay for taxes and lives off tips. They don’t tip in NZ so a waitress needs to live fully off her paycheck. Just imagine what skilled labor costs are like. I look for simple solutions that won’t require a lot of skilled labor to implement. You can build anything a structural engineer will sign off on but he is going to ensure you are meeting NZ building standards so it will be a building that will not fall down easily in an earthquake. Also I try to stick close to existing approved building methods and materials so while you can use any unique building methods but the price to get it approved will go up exponentially. You have to provide documentation how your unique methods and materials meet or exceed NZ building standards. Hopefully this post helps people to better understand my thought and decision process

    • Your input is very helpful Cliff because it’s an actual case study. And since you’re not planning to live in a remote rural area that’s hidden in the mountains for instance, you have to look at more conventional building methods since your codes are so strict.

  2. It’s been interesting watching the evolution of Cliff’s house ideas change over the last two years from strawbale to a portable tiny house. There are lots of factors to think about. It’s taken a lot of effort but his latest ideas are much more practical for him.

  3. Alternative building ideas like this are becoming more important than ever. The cost of new home construction is skyrocketing in certain big cities and parts of the world that are considered highly desirable by the rich. They move into the area and drive up housing costs. Often the smallest house on the market is over a million dollars. It would be very difficult to get natural buildings approved in these places so we’re searching for practical options.

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