dOMe hOMe Earth Temple

dOMe hOMe Earth Temple
dOMe hOMe Earth Temple

“The dOMe hOMe is based on Sacred Geometry principles, fibonacci sequences and deep ecology.

A hands on Natural Building workshop to learn the skills for building your own Earthbag Dome. This workshop is geared towards the more advanced builder. However, we will accommodate those participants who are keen yet less experienced. This will be a small intimate and highly focused workshop, so that everyone will benefit greatly from the experience. Structural elements will be stressed and a high level of aesthetic detail and completion will be achieved.

Lead by master builder /designer Rah Rysheak.
With more then 25 years building experience Rysheak has a solid foundation in a variety of building techniques.”


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  1. Yeah, killer courtyard. Also for a cement free location, they sure achieved a relaxed pitched curve on their dome roof. Would love to see how they built that.


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