Dropping Home Values — 2 Comments

  1. The problem is people buying homes and always selling them for profit.
    In my small town houses that are worth sixty thousand,people are in dept for two hundred fifty thousand for the home.Some homes have been for sale for years.
    Ive never been a big money maker but did try to buy a home and was approved for a loan.I told the bank i could do one thousand a month,and that was stretching it.They called and said common in and sign the papers.I asked about the loan and they said fifteen hundred a month.So i told them i couldnt do it unless theyre was five weeks in a month.
    Im happier owning a piece of dirt.To bad building codes are the way they are.

  2. You are definitely right about that….and we are going to take advantage of this opportunity since our bank violated many regulations on our mortgage and we are going to be doing exactly that, live more sustainable with an earthbag home.

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