Earth Home Advantages & Disadvantages

“Living a Green life in an Eco-friendly earth home is an excellent way you can decrease your effects on the planet, and there are many styles from which to choose. If you’re considering earth homes, there are pros and cons of these homes in which you should be aware.

Earth homes conserve energy. The average temperature in an underground home in the United States is about 50-60 degrees F, in many areas. This temperature is moderate enough that you won’t have to use a great deal of energy to keep your house comfortable.

If you live in a bermed home, you’ll also be able to look outside when you like, if you’re not enamored at the prospect of living completely underground. These homes, too, offer lower fuel bills, since they have good energy conservation records.

An earth house is very secure, too, which will give you a higher peace of mind, and there are minimal maintenance costs for the exterior of your home, meaning you can save that money for a trip, or something else you would enjoy.
In addition, your earth home will have an interior climate that is comfortable at almost any time of year, so you won’t be too cold or too hot. Earth homes are also very quiet, since the ground deadens and absorbs noise. This will give you peace and serenity.”

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  1. Thank you for explaining that earth homes conserve energy. I’ve been wondering what kind of home we can build that would be pretty energy efficient. It seems like this could be a very unique option to get this result and makes me want to consider it as an option for our next home.


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