Earth Home Advantages & Disadvantages

“Living a Green life in an Eco-friendly earth home is an excellent way you can decrease your effects on the planet, and there are many styles from which to choose. If you’re considering earth homes, there are pros and cons of these homes in which you should be aware.

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Miracle Soil Building Properties of Vetiver Grass

This is almost too good to be true. Keep reading if you want to learn how vetiver is a true miracle plant. What do you do when you have hard pan clay soil like we do? We dug large tree holes for our fruit trees, but at some point the roots need to penetrate the surrounding clay soil in order for the tree to grow to maturity.

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Summary of Advantages

Why earthbag building is one of the best building methods. Sometimes we delve into esoteric aspects of earthbag building. For those new to building with bags, here is a summary of advantages. • Low cost (if you build simply and do most of the work yourself) • Durable (rammed earth structures such as earthbag can … Read more