Earthbag Building Philippines — 13 Comments

  1. Is it still standing? How about building permit, Was it an issue? Bcoz i am planning to build my house using earthbag in Philippines the only thing I am anxious about is the building permit from the local municipal.
    Cheers mate.

  2. Hi there,

    I am Wollinger to Builder Mike this in The Phili pines bit boy finding a National supplier of the Rafia rolls. Can someone tell me where to buy them in the Philippines

    • Yes it can if it’s built correctly and the storm is not too severe. But there is a limit to everything. Nature is stronger than what man can build. For instance, in Coron the storm put 2-3 houses on top of each other. So there are no 100% guarantees.

  3. Heartwarming story. Good for you Mark and the women! Let’s hope you’ve started a chain of earthbag building in the area. “Give a man a fish…etc”

    • It looks like a thin coat of plaster with white wash on top. Most people add 3 layers of plaster and try to get it perfectly flat and smooth, but that’s necessary unless you’re in a bad earthquake zone and want maximum reinforcement.

  4. I love receiving stories like these. This is a good sized house for only $5,000. That includes a very strong steel truss roof made locally. All I can say is good job Mark and crew. Love seeing people help their communities. What a different world this would be if everyone helped each other out.

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