Earthbag Dome Home in Hungary

Earthbag dome home in Hungary
Earthbag dome home in Hungary

“Hello Owen, As you can see finally my first alone project has finished, hoorraayy!!. I want to say thank you for your guidance at the beginning and also I wanted to tell you that your book sometimes gave me that little help too because to reflect my knowledge and to see the things again in your book gave me a real help in times when I was not sure anymore what to do, not because I don’t know the things, because when my fear is coming up that I maybe can’t make it because it’s my first project with nobody around me who knows something about earthbag. So this was a quite heavy pressure for me because the people expected much and my building group knew nothing. In those moments your book was a real help because it was like talking with somebody who knows…

That gave me support, so all I want to say I’m really deeply thankful that you are around in the world to help people not only the homeless you help also people like me, young builders who wants to make the world a little bit better, and help people too. So thank you for your work and what you are giving for people and for the world.” Wilhelm

The project is in Hungary in the Southwest of the country near the border of Slovenia. Nagykanisza is the next big city.

3 thoughts on “Earthbag Dome Home in Hungary”

  1. Hi im in Hungary with my family and would love to have a look at your dome house, we got a land in kaposvar and we would like to do our permaculture homestead and build with earthbag.
    I will understand if you don’t want ppl walking in your place.

  2. Hi Juergen,
    could you please get in kontact ihave bought land in the south of Hungary will build an earthbag home if i can get it passed.
    Thanks for any help Stephen


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