Earthbag Earthship Design, Portugal — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Owen,

    Thank you for your post!

    I am looking to build an earthship in Portugal and wanted to know if your friend went ahead with everything and what were the permits requirements like?

    Do I need a regular building permit? can I build without like a yurt?

    Appreciate your help, thanks in advance!


    • I found this on the Internet and reposted the story because it was earthbag related. You’ll have to contact them for details.

  2. Love that this is completely self-sufficient design-wow. I am in Spain and would like to know if your friend is looking for help I have only worked on small cob sites. Thank you.

  3. Search our blog for other earthbag earthships using the search engine on the right side of the page. Earthbags, especially tubes, are faster than rammed earth in tires. If in doubt just do a simple test and see for yourself.

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