13 Principles of Sustainable Architecture — 4 Comments

  1. I have a Solariom attached to my house (in Nova Scotia) which we use as an additional heating source for three seasons of the year …roughly on a ESE line it heats our whole house while the solar hot water system is a backup for washing…

  2. Thank you for this very valuable reminder of some fundamental principles that we all need to embrace. We should know these by now, but it is so easy to overlook them.

    I like your recommendations about minimizing newly-harvested wood, and instead reusing timber that has had a previous use. It is tragic that so much wood in the Western world goes to landfill or is burned just to dispose of it – the use of shipping pallets must be a prime example, although there are many ideas on websites such as “Instructables” for re-using pallets.

    So thank you for this excellent article, and I greatly look forward to your next contribution on this forum.

  3. I was totally shocked to see the massive clear cutting of forests when flying over the Pacific Northwest about 17 years ago. It might be even worse by now. Or maybe the logging activity has shifted to Canada. Either way it’s clearly not sustainable. It’s sad to think most of the lumber will go toward mass produced tract housing with relatively short life spans.

    By the way, my computer is on the blink for one or two days. Should be back online soon.

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