Earthbag Eco Home in Morocco

Four bedroom earthbag eco home in Morocco
Four bedroom earthbag eco home in Morocco

“Eco-dome Morocco is an ambition that draws both in the basic design of the American-Iranian architect Nader Khalili and the rich Moroccan heritage in earth-based construction. This perfect combination is our main source of inspiration to give our buildings a new architectural and structural sense: buildings that respect the environment, adapt to the environment but mostly emanate from the environment; And because it is believed that human comfort lies in its return to nature, Eco-dôme Maroc is there to ensure this first step.”

Cost: The square meter cost is 45% less than reinforced concrete.
Rapid construction: Construction time is 50% less than conventional construction.
Strength: Stable and weatherproof structure.
Emissions: Reduces CO2 emissions by up to 64%.

Eco-dôme Maroc
This design eliminates the rather difficult part of building the top of the dome. Plus, it looks really cool to me. Other people have built this way also such as a couple in Canada:

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