Earthbag Hidey Hole Shelter — 4 Comments

  1. By using this design you can dig directly build into slopes. I would just use the excavated soil for the bag filling process. However I’m a bit afraid with water leacks… Do you think 2 heavy duty plastic membranes would be enough to keep water infiltration ?

    • Yes, use the excavated soil to fill the bags. The amount of waterproofing needed will vary depending on the climate. In some instances you may need to build one or more swales above the site, and you may need a French drain. Another option is bituthene rubber membrane. It’s expensive but it may be affordable because this building is so small.

  2. Interesting concept. This could also be used as a root cellar, a storm shelter or any of a number of uses. The entrance could also be disguised by another structure built to the front of it.

    • Good points, Paul. There are lots of uses and lots of ways to change it. Some may want a flat roof or higher roof for instance. It’s a simple design anyone could do.

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