Earthbag Huts in Uganda

A ministry in Northern Uganda has been making earthbag “huts” as homes forĀ  employees and their families, fellow laborers, as well as a home for their family and a potential discipleship training school. These vertical walled roundhouses have a distinctive African flavor that is very appealing, and I’m sure quite functional. You can find out more about these at this project page.

5 thoughts on “Earthbag Huts in Uganda”

    • Ahh, thanks for the info. And to repeat so I don’t sound critical “I like this a lot!” Great job guys. It’s a big help when we can point people to finished examples of low cost, well built earthbag structures.

      Also note the wide roof overhangs that enable them to utilize earthen plaster on exterior walls. That’s another good move.

      I would love to hear more about the acceptance of this method by the workers and families. Will they build more because they like this type of building and because it’s practical for their needs?


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