Earthbag Hybrid Workshop in Guatemala — 5 Comments

  1. Maggie
    I too would like to know more?
    Can you explain more of how you are using bamboo in a ferrocement format..
    Or where can I access your info..
    I have seen your last article here ..but not sure of the problems you have incurred

  2. Yes, this is what I used for my roofs. I would not recommend it at all as I have had a lot of cracking, and I am now experimenting with a cover of split bamboo tiles over the existing roofs. My next dome, the one for the workshop, will be only the bamboo roof on top of the rice husk bags, which will be covered with lime plaster.

  3. Note for Oliver – This is yet another workshop using ferrocement which is made of concrete and steel (I also use bamboo in my ferrocement by the way) and yet you will not publicise my workshop because I am using some concrete and steel. I don’t think this is very fair of you….

    • Oliver = Owen? Are you referring to me? I’ve been promoting your workshops for years. Just search this blog.

      I am not against ferrocement. Search our blog for lots of previous articles. Ferrocement uses minimal concrete and steel mesh to create a thin shell that’s very resource efficient. It works great if built correctly.

  4. I’d like to learn more about their hybrid building system. It seems they’re using bamboo and ferrocement to create roofs on earthbag domes.

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