Earthbag by RYDC in Malawi

Earthbag house in Malawi
Earthbag house in Malawi

“As one way of reducing the effects of climate change, Rumphi based Roscher Youth Development Centre (RYDC) is promoting construction of environmentally friendly houses in disaster prone areas of the country.

RYDC Executive Director Moir Walita Mkandawire said his organisation is promoting the construction of earthbag houses which use sacks filled with soil or sand as building blocks with barbed wire holding them together to save remaining trees.

He said the concept will be supportive considering that human activities such as construction using burnt bricks costs a lot of trees thereby causing disasters such as floods and hailstorms.

“The construction of earthbag houses concept will assist in conserving the environment by curbing wanton cutting down of trees, which are mostly used in baking bricks.

“We have seen that burnt bricks have consumed a lot of trees in most areas of the country this has led to regular occurrence of natural disasters like floods and droughts,” Mkandawire explained.

The earthbag houses are cost effective as well as environmental friendly which will help in conserving the environment and reduce the wanton cutting down of trees that has devastating effects to human life.

RYDC is initiating earthbag houses concept with technical and financial support from German based Support Malawi Heidelberg.”
Search our blog for other earthbag projects in Malawai. It’s turning into a bit of a hotspot for earthbag houses.

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