Earthbag Workshop at Sustainable Life School

Conway Morgan’s earthbag earthship workshop
Morgan Caraway’s earthbag earthship workshop

Well known earthbag builder Morgan Caraway is putting together another earthbag workshop. The next workshop will be on April 1st and 2nd, 2017 at Bottom Leaf intentional community one hour North of Asheville, NC. They will cover as many aspects of earthbag building as possible. We also started a new blog that talks about our homesteading and natural building adventure from the beginning. Direct link:

“We built our first house in 2009, a simple 20′ diameter roundhouse with a flat South-facing side featuring large french doors and a bottle wall. We built our cordwood bath house in 2010 and in 2011 added a 12×12 earthbag sunroom with two sets of sliding glass doors to the main house. In 2012, we joined an intentional community and, since then, have worked on three other houses including our new earthbag earthship with three times the square footage of our first place. I’m a real believer in earthbag building. I feel fortunate to have been able to share it with many folks at our workshops and elsewhere.” Click here to see pics of our projects.

9 thoughts on “Earthbag Workshop at Sustainable Life School”

  1. Might be in area that weekend.Traveling from Wisconsin.What are the details?Can you just tour your facility?Most likely date would be April 2.

  2. Thanks for sharing that info, Jamie. It’s possible we might have another workshop later in the year. We’ve discussed building a root cellar. I’ll share info about it as soon as we’ve scheduled something.

    • This should be a good workshop. Morgan has the experience, and this earthbag earthship is looking really really good to me. In fact, it looks good enough that people will likely replicate the design.

  3. Sign quickly as the workshop cost increases after 15 march.

    I hope to go to the next one or see them as I’ll be living closer.


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