Earthen Hand Natural Building Workshops

Earthen Hand Natural Building Workshops
Earthen Hand Natural Building Workshops

‚ÄúThis message was inspired by Earth Day and Buddha’s birthday… Mother Earth in jeopardy and refugee crises abound, are you beginning to feel it is surreal? Corporate interests increase their militaristic stranglehold on every available aspect of life itself, and we still don’t know what time it is. Time to go the other way.

People worldwide are activating toward a mission so great, it’s hard to explain. It’s not from one discipline, but all of them. Solutions are being applied globally at a promising rate (And I don’t mean anything that would keep us asleep face down in the main stream). Here’s to all the indigenous people holding it down, the protectors, innovators, natural farmers, and anyone doing anything to truly improve their lives. And remember the battles and magic that must happen inside each of us in these times in order to shift humanity. Don’t believe the hype. We can live longer healthier lives by actively improving the ecosystems of Earth. Time to get into nature.”

Earthen Hand

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  1. are you aware of any “schoolings” that will be offered this season in or around North Carolina? We also, east coasters, are spiritually motivated…


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