Earthquake Resistant Earthbag Building Guidelines PDF — 8 Comments

  1. I was just wondering if there might be a way to use PVC rebar to fortify the walls or does it have to be steel?

    Thank you,

    • Someone suggested this last week. PVC is not meant for structural purposes. There is some strength that’s adequate for things like hoop houses (arched greenhouses), but it’s not strong enough for houses. Rebar would be far stronger.

  2. i am glad that earthquake resistant earth bag building seems most effective in country-side of Nepal and the most important things is that the people who are specially living in rural area they also can afford to build such as Mud block houses with affordable cost.

  3. I am interested in all topics. I am from Austria (private Person) and now in Nepal as freelancer and Little Part of a Family who is affected by Earthquakes (one member and friend died). We realized a small Project in solokhumbu …healthpost in changha which is not really affected by Earthquakes. I have Limited Time here. I can stay here until 30th of June. Thank you!

  4. Hi Owen, do you still recommend the French drain foundation system for Nepal or will you advise something else. I wander to Know if you want to stick on this system or not? Don’t you think the structure may jump on the Foundation? Just wandering, thank you
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