Eclectic Eco-Friendly Tiny House with Two Lofts

To give you an idea of how popular tiny houses are, this video has almost 600,000 hits in just a few months. It never ceases to amaze me how many creative, space-saving ideas people incorporate into tiny homes. This particular home has a Moroccan floor sofa, a cutting board that fits over an alcohol burning cooktop, a grow tower that provides herbs year-round that’s small enough to be brought indoors in the winter, two lofts that include an upstairs office and much more. Also note how many tiny homes like this one are designed for off-grid as well as on-grid hookups. You may not like some of the aesthetics or even want a house this small. That’s okay. I’m posting the best tiny house videos that I can find because they have so many space and money saving ideas.

“In this video, we toured Anita’s Eco-Friendly tiny house in Portland, Oregon. The Lilypad features two lofts and FIVE rooms in less than 250 square feet! The innovative curved roof allows five foot tall Anita to stand on both levels. We were blown away with the Lilypad’s eclectic decor and multiple eco-features. Enjoy!”

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3 thoughts on “Eclectic Eco-Friendly Tiny House with Two Lofts”

  1. I totally agree Owen, ideas in documents would be great, it is also easy to overlook clever ideas from pictures. They may not show from certain angles, or some of us may not see/understand what we are actually seeing.

    • Sometimes you have to watch the video 2=3 times because there are so many details.

      I also noticed this same tiny house YouTube channel has a video with 1.8 million hits. It’s very hard to get that many hits on a video. This is leading me to believe that the tiny house movement is one of the largest, fastest growing sectors within the natural building movement. Mobile tiny houses make it possible to live in or near town and more easily circumvent codes. So, I’ll definitely be doing more videos on this topic.

  2. It would be great if those who are active in the tiny house movement made a list of all the best money and space saving ideas and made it free on the Internet. Ideally the list would be organized somehow — Kitchen, Bathroom, Mechanical, etc.


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