Low Cost Cooking Options in Nepal

Homemade rocket stoves like this can cook food with twigs and other plant debris.
Homemade rocket stoves like this can cook food with twigs and other plant debris.

“Due to the fuel crisis in Nepal now we don’t get gas for cooking. I just wanted to ask you if you have some idea regarding building a solar cooker. I did some search in google but I could not come up with a concrete idea. And yeah I have a methane gas chamber in my house. Do you have some idea to improve that as well because its not enough to cook 2 meals. Thank you.” Prateek

Owen: Solar cookers are wonderful! There are lots of free plans on this site: http://solarcooking.org/plans/ I’m sure you can find many more by searching for free solar cooker plans.

Biogas plants (methane digesters) are most practical for farms or communal toilets. You need to connect numerous households or add manure from animals.

Search our blog for twig stoves, rocket stoves and smokeless stoves. See links below. You can make a stove super efficient so you only need twigs, grass, plant stalks, etc.

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These two blog posts have links to dozens of the best videos and websites on twig stoves, camping stoves and emergency stoves.
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  1. Nameste,I have children’s home and we need solution to cook food for 15 person.Please recommend me best alternate to cook a food.

  2. One big advantage of solar ovens is you can leave the food cook all day without worry of burning or scorching. Things like rice and beans are perfect. Start in the morning and everything will be cooked by dinner time. Some foods cook faster.


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