EcoOasis – Come Live Your Dream of a Sustainable Future — 4 Comments

  1. In our 2 hectare permaculture darm close to the city we plan to develop at least 5 rental homes made of superadobe. It will be strict though as we will require renters to use compost toilets and use only approved eco home products. And only 1 car. Not sure if this is going to attract a ton of people but the selling point is they can live in an organic farm and eat as much of the produce for free.

  2. This is a great concept that we are also working with, but with a different angle. After working for almost 20 years designing, and building multi-million dollar residences around the world, I chose to turn toward ways that we can create community for everyone, not just those with half million dollars in the bank. We are a growing collective of natural builders, eco wizards, and permaculture specialists, and more, focussed on creating ways to facilitate the transition into a nature inspired permaculture and natural building communities internationally. Check us our at

  3. Hopefully this becomes the future — thousands and tens of thousands of regenerative neighborhoods created next to organic farms. This will bring the cost way down.

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