Building The Ultimate Camper Van as a Tiny Home & Office on Wheels

We’ve been working pretty much 7 days a week on building our DIY camper van in a Ford Transit with a high roof. We’re planning a super functional home and office space in here, and are building it with as many natural materials as possible (cork, hemp, and FSC & formaldehyde-free plywood).

We’re going to have a semi-permanent bed with adjustable backrest and seating where we can work on our laptops. We’ll have a kitchen with running water, a small fridge, and a butane cooktop.

The van build isn’t complete yet but stay tuned. This is one of my favorite channels and I’m sure the final result will be outstanding. With their vast experience, they will integrate all the best ideas. By the way, van living is the #1 favorite option of those living nomadic/on the road lifestyles so this topic will be of interest to many.

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