Ecosa Challenges Mainstream Education With Free Tuition

PRESCOTT, AZ – “Imagine attending an institution of higher education without worry of cash up front or spending much of your work life repaying school loans. If the Ecosa Institute has anything to say about it, free tuition will replace the current financial aid system saddling each of last year’s university graduates with student loan debt averaging $37,172. Putting money where its mouth is and paying vision forward into action, Ecosa now offers 28 prospective students free tuition to its Ecological Design Certificate Program (EDCP).

Value of the 15-week semester is $12,000 for each participant and accepted students need only prove competence and commitment. “We want to reach students who have the ability to think critically, perform in-depth research, and commit to a demanding program,” said Tony Brown, Ecosa Institute founder and director. “The goal is to find students, regardless of income, who are most likely to create positive change in the world.”

The Ecosa Institute’s semester in Ecological Design was created in 2000 to show how human needs can be integrated with nature’s requirements to ensure that both thrive. Students are given new perspectives on problem-solving through design in a small group of 14 participants who meet six hours a day five days a week in both studio and field settings.”

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  1. I’m a couple hours drive from them. AMAING. Very excited to see people giving back in a very sustainable way. Education! Fantastic. Thanks Owen for posting this. I’ll be sending people that direction for the certification.


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