Enchanting Cabin In The Forest

Here’s another incredibly beautiful small cabin on par with the one we covered yesterday. It’s under 200 sq. ft. and was built with recycled materials for just a few thousand dollars.

“This spectacular cabin is like nothing you have seen before. Hidden amongst the towering trees of the Olympic rainforest, this enchanting and whimsical cabin is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Built by Jacob Witzling, this cabin is not only a home it’s also a work of art. Sustainably constructed from reclaimed and salvaged materials, this tiny house fits in perfectly to its forest surroundings, almost as if it’s come to life directly from a storybook.”

Another great video by Living Big In A Tiny House
More photos and information about this house: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/enchanting-cabin-in-the-forest/

5 thoughts on “Enchanting Cabin In The Forest”

  1. Jacob is an amazing artist and he is so inspiring. I wish the world was full of people as talented as he is. How beautiful our world would be! Thank you for posting this. Made my day! Just amazing! :D


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