Couldn’t find his dream popup micro-camper, built it instead

“Jurgen Jas makes things- a mini Smart bike/car for his nephew, a fully-furnished mini-camper for another, a backyard workshop and hundreds of Bowers-&-Wilkins-inspired speakers for himself- so when he couldn’t find a popup micro-camper that he liked, he built one.

Beginning with just a donated chassis, he began to build all the components of his future micro mobile home. “I have been a carpenter for a company that builds exhibition stands so I am used to working with plywood – making very thin and beautiful things without any weight – so I saw how extremely strong it is.”

The finished camper rivals any off-the-shelf micro camper, complete with popup top and popout side, full kitchen (Dometic refrigerator, 3 burner gas stove, sink, toaster oven), a drop-down dining table that slides/retracts into several positions/sizes, a couch that transforms into a king-sized bed and plenty of storage.”


3 thoughts on “Couldn’t find his dream popup micro-camper, built it instead”

    • The design, features and workmanship surpass anything I’ve seen before. However, it seems like they are too labor intensive and so the cost would be too high.

  1. Be sure to watch the videos from the last two days if you missed them. (Traffic to our site usually goes down on the weekends.) It’s hard to find such nice projects.


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