Energy Efficient Chest Fridge — 8 Comments

  1. We did the chest fridge thing for 3 good years. Loved it, quiet, energy saving, fitted in perfectly into our kitchen. There are a couple of downsides that no-one seems to cover. 1) We needed a freezer as well, so this meant that we had to buy a second chest freezer – taking up extra space and using extra electricity. 2) Our Fisher & Paykel freezer converted into a fridge lasted 3 years before the freon gas leaked out and rendered it useless. Not repairable! My blog post explains it a little better:
    I wouldn’t think buying a new freezer every 3 years is very good for the environment either, so we sadly went back to a conventional fridge/freezer.
    My question is: Are Vestfrost freezers any less prone to the pipes rusting out and leaking gas due to the increased running temperature?

  2. The reason I would see is that you waste limited space in the kitchen, and a chest config requires stacking all your food to use the space efficiently. I doubt many want to unpack half the fridge to reach a given item.

  3. I have his circuit board. Only problem is the relay. At 110v it doubles the amperage and the relay it is designed for welds itself closed. Tried to get interest in it a few years ago but stupid americans can’t grasp the idea that changing the thermostat won’t work off grid..

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