Engineering Mystery Solved: How Ed Leedskalnin Built Coral Castle

This video appears to have solved how Ed Leedskalnin’s ‘free energy device’ was built and operated. This is the machine Ed, a slight 5’ tall man, used to cut and shape giant blocks of coral stone to build the Coral Castle in Florida.


6 thoughts on “Engineering Mystery Solved: How Ed Leedskalnin Built Coral Castle”

  1. A magnetic perpetual motion device, with opposite polarity facing each other, spinning on a axis, with an outside pulse of electricity/ electromagnetism to have said device spin to earths current frequency

  2. This “Engineering solution” is absolute rubbish…this is NOT how this device worked, and is but a distraction. The wheel is NOT self propelled…what would be the purpose of a handle? None of the “PMH” coils are visible in any of the pictures Ed is showing, nor is the switch. This system is ridiculous….lol.


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