Why I am Redoing the Theme of the Site — 8 Comments

  1. Designwise, this theme is better than the old one. However, I miss the functionality of next/previous links as well as the monthly archive. Maybe you can test the respective plugins with this theme as well.
    Hacking: many developers right now have problems because the use Filezilla, which stores the ftp-passwords unencrypted. There is a malware around adding some links to infected homepages in several files when Filezilla is used. I also had problems with this. The only way is not to let Filezilla to store the passwords or to use another ftp client. Nowadays I use KeePass to store the passwords encrypted. From KeePass I can call Filezilla and send the login data to Filezilla. Works very well for me.

    You may use this link for downloading:

    After 30 days of being inactive (e.g. no download), this link will be inactive.

  2. Someone commented that they wanted a FB share button more than a like one, and I asked the developer of this theme about that. Here is his reply: “Hi Rosana, this is a good suggestion. However, from what I’ve read, it appears that Facebook favors the “like” button over the “share” button.

    Also, in my early testing, I’m still unable to programmatically place them both on the page at the same time (but I’ll keep trying because I have seen sites that appear to be doing it).”

    Thought that discussion was on this post but it wasn’t and I can’t find it!

  3. I discovered your site while looking for techniques to build a pole barn/ post-frame building with pallets for walls. Thanks for the info!
    I wanted to let you know that probably as a result of your theme change, I was getting a lot of 404 errors. I think that if you update your permalinks in WordPress this issue will be resolved.

  4. Thanks all! I took a look at Atahualpa and put it on another site I plan to revise next week. Looks very nice. Since I just about have this one done, I will stay with this theme here.

    Also, I signed up for a year’s subscription at — they found the last two hacks on this site and had them cleaned up within 3 or 4 hours. They also advised me to change themes from the last one.

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