Laughing Heart Living Earthbag Workshop

Laughing Heart Living earthbag workshop in California
Laughing Heart Living earthbag workshop in California

When: July 12-24th, 2012 (with a day of rest on July 18th…river time!)
Where: Laughing Heart Living Farm, North San Juan, CA
Who: Cal Earth certified Dada Krpasundarananda (check out this article) & Betty Lenora
Cost: $600 for 12 days, $350 for 6 days, or $60/day (includes food, camping and instruction)
Food: simple vegetarian meals (can accommodate some special needs…please ask)

“Learn to build your own safe, low-cost, climate moderated Earthbag (super-adobe) home through building a home for Laughing Heart Living Farm. Earthbag is a durable, versatile building technique that can be plastered with adobe/cob, cement, or lime for a variety of finished styles. This 12 day hands-on training workshop will be offered in two 6 day sessions (July 12th-17th & July 19th-24th), with July 18th off for rest, study or playtime at the Yuba River. There is space for 16 participants. Laughing Heart is a family-friendly farm. Please contact us if you want to bring your child(ren) to ensure there is space available. No pets permitted.”

Source: Laughing Heart Living Blog

Personal email: “Hey, I just realized it was through your site that my sweetie (Andres) & I found the community we’re currently involved in…One Community. Here was the link on your site that got us there. And what’s so cool is Logan (Laughing Heart land steward) is the one who shared your website that led us to One Community! I share all this with you as I am ever more fascinated with the unfolding and all the overlapping connections within…so thank you for your part!!” – Ember

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  1. Hi, I am still considering attending this workshop. I will be away til the 8th of July, if there is still space available I may make it. I have a connection with OneCommunity and have filled out the extensive questionnaire and have been persuing my desire to live with less isolation and more sharing. This workshop could be a way for me to discover more about onecommunity and get hands on experience building earthbag structures. It could also be an opportunity to pay to be a construction worker. Not exactly sure if I am being invited to be a laborer or if this is truly an educational workshop? Perhaps you can inform me as to the true intent. Thanks, I always seem to need to get to the truth of certain questions that arise so I can move forward fully commited. Douglas

    • Good point. People charging for workshops should deliver an educational experience. Otherwise participants might as well join a free event like the one going on in Florida. (See Florida Dome Home Blog.)


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