Family cuts commute with smaller home in live/work complex

“Stan Leopard used to spend nearly two hours in the car each day commuting from his home in Mill Valley, CA to his office in San Francisco. Since he runs a small business and can choose where to locate the office, bought a live/work townhouse in a neighboring town and cut his commute to a flight of stairs.”

This is another great video by Fair Companies.

2 thoughts on “Family cuts commute with smaller home in live/work complex”

  1. I grew up with my parents deciding to buy their home, near to where they worked. It made life easier, less gas and stress. I figured some sort of tax break to get people to do this would help with oil use and air quality.
    While my folks weren’t tree huggers or anything, they used solar and drove small cars and did what they could to use less energy. This was in the early seventy’s. I look at the giant Mansions and gas guzzlers people seem to want and it makes me wonder.

  2. This isn’t really a story about architecture, or commuting. Oh sure, that may what they talk the most about, but that’s not the main message.

    This is a story about a guy buying a home next door to his ex-wife. A property that connects to his ex-wife’s house!

    THAT is what is the most innovative thing being done.

    Who else has done that?

    Great for the kids… as long as everyone gets along and respects boundaries. Of course not respecting boundaries is usually part of parents divorcing in the first place. Which is why this story is so unique.

    Very very few people could manage to pull this off.

    The architecture certainly helps, but the architecture would be a nightmare if the ex’s couldn’t get along, and/or couldn’t respect boundaries.

    That is the part that is amazing far beyond any architectural feature of the story.


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