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“At www.TeachDemocracy.org on the MICRO BUSINESS tab/page you can see the 9 videos in the series “How To Start A Micro Business” along with worksheets for those starting a micro business to complete and transcriptions of the video audio so Google Translate can translate all of it into any one of their 53 languages.

They are “home-made” in that I did them at home, but I am relieved to have them out and available for folks. The series is free for all to use. The 9th and final video explains how people can, if they want to, partner with me and have me fund 80% of the start-up costs and stay involved with them for the long haul.

The Democracy & Free Enterprise books have now been downloaded in over 85 countries in the world, I hope this Micro Enterprise series makes it around the world as well.

Side note: I had my web master re-do both books so now each and every page is actually part of the website, not off on a link. Therefore, Google Translate can put it now in any of the 53 languages!! The machine translation is just average, but at least it is out there. have a professional Spanish translation of the books coming soon, but it is Google Translate that has me most excited—covers almost “all languages”.

Thanks for your support and encouragement, I appreciated your efforts.”
Dr. Jerry Dean Epps, (Ph. D.)


6 thoughts on “TeachDemocracy.org: Help for Starting Microbusinesses”

  1. Thank you Jerry. I understand your view and where you do the most good. I appreciate what you do. It just has a bad under tone in the states today. Or, a better way of putting it is…..it ain’t like it used to be. I really don’t know your thoughts on this but, America is changing and it’s not going in the right direction. Immorality and a dollar collapse. One is here and the other is coming.

  2. Words have different meanings to different people. For me, democracy is about freedom–freedom politically and freedom economically. I want oppressed and disenfranchised people everywhere to be free! That is what my books are about. Belief that one CAN make it (when so very few around them are) and access to capital are two major barriers to economic prosperity in the developing world. In the “How To Start A Micro Business” video series I try to tilt the odds a bit more toward success by showing how it can be done, that ordinary people can do it and by offering to provide start-up capital for those willing to put together a sound plan and give it a try. Those who do will increase their income and gain access to education, better housing, clothing, clean water and so on. Economic success by previously poor folks is the antidote to poverty.

  3. Oh I won’t get hung up on it but, it just makes me cringe when I read or hear the term because I DO think of the federal government. I’m glad you made the post and respect the gentleman for what he has and is doing. I love the ideology of the free market system if you could only get governments out of your way. They always create the problems. Perhaps not all countries but most. I’ll read over everything and since he’s a friend of yours please tell him “Thanks”. We appreciate it.

  4. Owen
    Because I have a dislike for the word democracy since we live in a Republic that is no longer called that…….okay, you know what I mean. Anyway, have YOU used this site before and what was your experience? I love the idea of helping people. It’s just that word that’s unsettling to me. Thanks for the post.

    • Jerry and I have collaborated on a 2-3 projects for the last year or two. I highly recommend his approach to small business (which raises people out of poverty and boosts local economies), the Haiti earthbag house we came up with, and his bio toilet. Everything he does is great. Don’t get hung up on words. He’s not describing the US government. He’s describing the free market system. I’ll let Jerry explain it better if he wants.

  5. This is a great help to those who need free, simple, condensed information for starting a home-based business or cottage industry. Many people have slow Internet connections and need easy to access information, so this site definitely fills a niche.


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