Family Quits City Life to Live Off-Grid in a Giant Yurt

Lucy is living off-grid with her family, in a yurt, in New Zealand, while unschooling their kids, running a farm, and freelancing as a digital nomad. The family quit their jobs, sold their home, and sold most of their belongings, and left London to go live off-grid in a tiny house a.k.a. a yurt in New Zealand.

A key point of many of these simple living videos is breaking free of the rat race and discovering freedom.

6 thoughts on “Family Quits City Life to Live Off-Grid in a Giant Yurt”

  1. Love your blog and this story in particular. I imagine my family living this lifestyle some day. I look forward to your emails every evening of new articles you post! Thank you!

    • These are my favorite type of stories. I’m open to a wide variety of building materials and methods. The main thing is quality of lifestyle and freedom. Quality of lifestyle includes clean air and water, peace and quiet, large garden, etc. These things are very difficult to get in cities.

  2. Your blog is my favorite Owen. It always makes me smile and I am always inspired by it. Humans were not created to live the materialistic, rat race life that traps so many people: get more, get bigger….throw it all away and repeat. You always present good alternatives to what so many consider “normal.” Your blog always makes me look at life through a different lens. Just want to say thanks for showing people that there are better options: there are ways of living that nourish the soul!


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