Urban Tiny House Dwelling in St. Louis

In this episode, we feature a very cool/unique tiny house in St. Louis, Missouri- one with a hidden bathtub in the floor! This tiny house is filled with unique features and is surprisingly livable for such a small space. Houses like this have good potential for mass production.

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Family Quits City Life to Live Off-Grid in a Giant Yurt

Lucy is living off-grid with her family, in a yurt, in New Zealand, while unschooling their kids, running a farm, and freelancing as a digital nomad. The family quit their jobs, sold their home, and sold most of their belongings, and left London to go live off-grid in a tiny house a.k.a. a yurt in New Zealand.

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World-Traveling Couple’s Tiny House in Sustainable Community

This young couple are living their dream. Both world travellers, they originally met in Australia before venturing around the globe together and eventually settling in North America. Their beautiful tiny house on wheels now sits amongst the lush wilderness of the British Columbian forest in the heart of a small, sustainable community. YouTube Simple, but … Read more

Couple + Dog Living in a Van | Camper Van Life

This is the first video I’ve seen that shows what it’s actually like to live in a van. Nice couple with lots of good suggestions. Many of the same suggestions would apply to living in other compact spaces like tiny homes. “See what a typical day living in a van is like for a couple and a dog. See us working in the van, living in the van and living out of the van.”

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