Fertilizer Can Make a Huge Difference — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Owen,
    We’re also in Thailand and have an independent farmer friend who uses EM on his vegetables and fruits. Question, is EM then considered organic fertilizer? Are there any ill effects on the consumer, such as allergic reactions,etc. ? Thanks!

    • EM is a supplement used in addition to regular fertilizer. There are no harmful materials. It’s all natural and probably an ancient practice. There are many different recipes. I suggest buying local brands or making your own because they’ll contain the organisms that naturally grow in your area. It’s pretty easy to find. I would not buy something from another country. Plus, you’ll save money.

  2. We’ve already started two batches using rotting goop from our compost pile. I selected the slimiest material, not the stuff that was already totally decomposed. I added about 1/4 -1/3 bucket of goop in a 5-gallon bucket, 1 kilo of cane sugar, topped it off with water and stirred.

    We also found low cost molasses for livestock use (non-food grade) and bought some EM to try out.

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